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Key Members

Risk Management
Andrew Davidson

Portfolio Management
Neil Powers, CFA

Michael Tuteral, CFA

Richard Scott

Andrew Davidson - Chief Investment Officer

Andrew Davidson is co-founder and CIO at Vectors Research Management, LLC. Mr. Davidson is also President and founder of AD&Co., a leading developer and provider of MBS/ABS analytical tools. AD&Co provides consulting advice on risk management, security valuation, and investment strategies for a broad range of financial institutions.

Prior to AD&Co he worked for six years at Merrill Lynch, where he was a Managing Director in charge of a staff of 60 financial and systems analysts. In this role, he developed sophisticated analytical tools, including prepayment and option-adjusted spread models, as well as sophisticated portfolio analysis tools. He initiated a comprehensive set of investor-oriented publications and established groups of specialized analysts to advise traders, sales people and investors. He has an extensive trading desk background and experience in risk management roles. Andrew began his financial career as an analyst in Exxon's Treasurer's Department. He received an MBA in Finance at the University of Chicago and a BA in Mathematics and Physics at Harvard.

Neil Powers, CFA - Portfolio Manager

Neil Powers is a co-founder and Portfolio Manager at Vectors Research Management, LLC. He has over 25 years of portfolio management experience within Fixed Income Institutional accounts and Mutual Funds.

Prior to Vectors, Mr. Powers served as the Head of Fixed Income for 7 years at Crestar Asset Management Co. and Co-Head of Fixed Income at Trusco Capital Management Co. Neil managed Institutional accounts and Mutual fund portfolios including Government and Mortgage funds, and created the Multi-Sector Strategic Income Fund.

Mr. Powers also worked at Putnam Investments for 12 years, where he was a Senior Portfolio Manager for Core and Core Plus Institutional accounts and the Lead Portfolio Manager for the Putnam family of Multi-Sector Bond mutual funds. Institutional clients included Insurance Company, Corporate, Pension, State and County Government, and Financial Institution assets. He started at Putnam Investments as a quantitative analyst building yield curve and sector relative value models.

Neil is a CFA, and graduated from West Virginia University with a BS in Finance specializing in securities and investments.

Michael Tuteral, CFA - Portfolio Analyst

Michael Tuteral joined VRM in 2012 as a portfolio analyst. He focuses on generating analysis on valuation for client portfolios and monitoring portfolio positions in order to generate appropriate investment ideas and recommendations. Prior to joining VRM, he worked at Bank of America Merrill Lynch as an Equity Research Analyst covering the automotive industry. Mike is a CFA and graduated from Virginia Tech with a BA in Finance.